RUNNERS! It’s here!

The time to run stronger is now.

To help you along with your running goals this year, I’ve created a brand new lower body strength training program designed specifically for runners to improve and strengthen your stride.

Get yours for $36 here.

In just 9 weeks, by committing 30 minutes, 3 days per week, you can make a significant impact in the strength and power of your running stride — which means, if you start now, you could be running strong in time for your April races.

This program includes the exact workouts, including a schedule that covers each day of the entire 9-week program. No guesswork, just easy-to-follow guidance on what to do and when to do it.

Whether you’ve been running for years or you’re just starting out, there’s simply no better time than now — in the off-season — to ramp up your strength training and increase the power of your stride.

9 weeks to a stronger stride. Let’s do this.

Find all the details as well as answers to your questions about the program here.


Simple, at-home yoga practices designed to help you build a more injury-resistant body and mental resilience. All levels are welcome regardless of fitness level, no prior yoga experience necessary.

Currently Available:

Hip Magic

IT Band Relief

Align Yo Self: Hips & Core Stability

Calf & Shin Relief

Piriformis Pain-in-the-Butt Relief

A Great Way to Start Your Day (or Your Run)

Psoas Love

Fix Your Posture

Strong & Resilient Hamstrings


Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a running coach in your ear as you run cueing you through better running form? Now you can.

Click here to get access to the audio recording of my 7-minute, full-body running form check. It’s the same full body scan that I use and give to my 1-on-1 running clients.

This recording is designed to assist you during your run with focusing on creating and establishing an efficient running posture to promote better running mechanics and optimal breathing as well as determining where you might be losing efficiency in your running form.

If you’ve ever questioned whether your running form is on point, this recording will help give you the confidence you need to run stronger and go longer.