In-Person Events

Alright, so you’ve kicked up into handstand at the wall … now what? How exactly do you move your handstand away from the wall? Excellent questions.

As with everything in life, the way to build the strength and confidence necessary to handstand in the middle of the room is through repetition. But the Catch-22 is that in order to build familiarity through repetition, you actually have to be able to do the thing that’s repeated. This is often the barrier for people looking to move away from the wall.

In this workshop, we’ll break down the components of a solid handstand away from the wall into specific components and precise techniques that you can actually repeat and practice. We’ll use simple drills to help you support yourself rather than relying on the wall to do it for you.

You’ll learn how to tap into and level-up your inner strength, set more productive boundaries, channel your energy more efficiently, and stabilize and center yourself.

Come experience the life-changing magic of the journey toward a wall-less handstand!

This workshop is appropriate for yogis of any level provided that you’re able to get into and are relatively comfortable in a wall-supported handstand or forearm balance.

PRICING: $29 for early registration (signup prior to May 12th) and $35 thereafter. Sign up HERE.