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We here at are all about pursuing and spreading awesome everywhere. But despite how much of awesomeness exists in our lives, every once in a while it can feel like we’ve lost it somewhere along the way. We all have THOSE days, right? Days that make feel so much less than awesome, days that dull your sparkle, days that cause you to crumble.

Sometimes we need to recharge the batteries and restore the awesome.

A few months ago, I started to get back into yoga and in the process took a few Restorative Yoga classes and workshops. LIFE-CHANGING!! You see, I’m an over thinker. I think and I think and I think until I can’t think anymore and then I collapse. Restorative Yoga is my mental vacay – a break from the constant buzzing of thoughts in my head. But it also does wonderful things for my body – relieving all the deep tightness and tension that I didn’t know I had been building up. For me, it feels like I’ve just had a massage (without all the discomfort, time commitment and expense).

The Restorative Yoga classes and workshops I go to are AHHHHHH-mazing (thanks to Jess and Tara at Sage Yoga) but I gotta tell you, sometimes I need a little more. On those days where nothing seems to go right and I can feel that I’m being depleted at a rapid pace, I need to stop, drop, and (restorative) yoga. Trust me, it’s for the good of the Order.

So if you’re anything like me and find yourself in an emergency situation, needing a quick fix and can’t wait until the next class or workshop, I’ve begun to assemble my favorite Restorative Yoga poses and catalogued them by purpose so that you can restore your awesome in 5 minutes or less anytime, anywhere. You’re welcome 🙂

When You Just Wanna Curl Up in a Ball & Cry — Supported Child’s Pose

When Your Heart Is Breaking — Supported Fish Pose

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