Movement & Mindfulness Online Coaching Services

Wondering if you and I are a good fit for coaching? Email me at and we can set up a time for a quick chat to help you get a feel for me, my coaching, and what I offer — no hard selling, just straight-up info to help you determine if we’re a good fit. I promise.

I work with clients to develop effective and engaging programs which are consistent with his or her individual goals taking into consideration preferences, current abilities, and time constraints.

I offer the following online coaching services:

  • Strength Training & Injury Prevention Programs
    • Corrective Exercise Strategies for Injury Prevention 
    • Strength Training & Skill Development Programs
  • Specialized Running Coaching
    • Customized Race Training Programs – from 5K to Ultra-marathons 
    • Absolute Beginner’s On-Ramp Program
    • Sport-Specific Strength & Conditioning Programs
    • Road to Trail Crossover Coaching
    • Strength, Speed Development & Injury Prevention Programs 
  • Yoga for Durability
    • Private Online Yoga Classes
  • Mindset Coaching for Movement Teachers & Creative Entrepreneurs
    • Business Development Coaching
    • Personal Development Coaching and Mentorship

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask! 

Business Services & Community Partnerships

I provide expert guidance and consulting for fitness professionals, health coaches, community organizations, private companies, gyms & other facilities to assist with new program design, help improve the quality of services offered, and effectively use social media for brand marketing to reach a target audience.

  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Yoga for Durability Programs
  • Motivational & Educational Workshops
  • Coaching Consulting Services
  • Social Media Marketing Consulting